The Hurricane Hunters, named after the Air Force Reserve 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS because of Tommy MacLuckie’s fascination of tropical cyclones, were founded in New Orleans, LA in the spring of 1999 by Tommy MacLuckie with Jon Marcley on drums and Jason Scott on bass. They started recording tracks at Green Street Studio (some other artists to record there were Rockie Charles and Eric Lindell) with Phil Smith co-producing (Scott participated in demos but not multi-tracking). The first official recording was just MacLuckie and Marcley for the song “So Blue”, with MacLuckie recording bass and Marcley recording piano (the master of this recording has been lost; the only existing mix was done to cassette - in mono, for some bizarre reason).

Personnel would be a lingering change, with Quinlan Kirchner, a jazz drummer at UNO, taking over for Marcley when he left to go to Europe to record and tour with Louie Fontaine, and Sean Connor taking over for bass when Jason left (after several gigs with Connor and Kirchner and with what was becoming the backbone of an album of recordings, Kirchner one day just disappeared, never to be heard from again after a year, so Marcley came back after his tour with Louie Fontaine). In 2001 MacLuckie, Kirchner and Connor started recording what was going to be The Hurricane Hunters’ debut album, with five songs tracked. After another handful of gigs in 2001 (and the change of drummers from Kirchner to Marcley), Connor was dismissed for completely losing his mind. Wayne Smith (Uncle Snarly, Rockie Charles, The Blue Crabs) took over on bass (and played harmonica as well as sang) and recorded new bass tracks on two songs. The Hurricane Hunters did not change personnel for the rest of the duration, which ended in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina.   

Gigs were sporadic over the years of 2001-05 in New Orleans due to MacLuckie’s joining Grayson Capps And The Stumpknockers in 2002 and recorded on 4 of Capps' albums and toured half the US and parts of Europe and Scandinavia with Capps. When time was available The Hurricane Hunters played at Lounge Lizards for a handful of gigs, as well one show at Tipitina's, The Howlin' Wolf, and at places long gone and forgotten in the French Quarter and in the Marigny, and venturing across the lake to Ruby's Roadhouse for a few shows in Mandeville, LA in 2004-05, the highlight of the later shows being a searing cover of The Rolling Stones’ "Can’t You Hear Me Knocking". The last gig The Hurricane Hunters played with Marcley and Smith was in July of 2005. Hurricane Katrina hit at the end of August that year and life with the Stumpknockers got very busy. The Hurricane Hunters were put on hold.

After leaving the Stumpknockers in 2009 MacLuckie formed OzzyCash (a heavy country-rawk band) with Brian "Bicycle" Jones and, after a few drummers were ragged out, drummer Reid Cumberland joined in 2010. OzzyCash recorded an album, found Jacob Taylor to play bass after a Spinal Tap-esque run of bass players (that included Kim Carson), and hit the road in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas and then... disbanded in October 2013, their last gig being at the flaccid Franklinton Free Fair in Franklinton, LA.

After some time off to take stock, partially from a family illnesses and a child being born, MacLuckie, Cumberland and Taylor agreed it was time to get The Hurricane Hunters going as a 3 piece rock band. Cumberland opted to play guitar and brought in Billy Blanke to play drums, making The Hurricane Hunters a 4 piece for the first time. In the fall of 2014 they started rehearsing in Mandeville, their only gig at a fundraiser on October 12 at Ruby's Roadhouse in Mandeville, LA. Shortly after, Blanke left for a full time job with UPS, Cumberland switched back to his original role as drummer, and the band returned to its original 3 piece status and started rehearsing.

In January 2015, The Hurricane Hunters expanded once again to become a 4 piece when Wes Robertson (ex-Robert Fortune Band) joined the band as the second guitarist. Getting a hilarious nod, they opened up for Grayson Capps & The Lost Cause Minstrels on April 24, 2015 at Carrollton Station in New Orleans. Soon after the gig, with more shows booked, everything was stopped due to a family illness. On December 4th they returned to playing as a 3 piece at the Dew Drop Social & Benevolent Jazz Hall in Mandeville, LA, playing mostly blues. It would their last show for over a year.

While laying low for 2016, the debut release Storm Surge EP (Counter Clockwise Records) was released on June 1st (via CDBaby), iTunes on June 19th and July 8th on Amazon and Google Play. It's also streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Groove and YouTube among a gluttony of other sites.

The end of 2016 they got back together to rehearse and started working on new songs. They rehearsed throughout the spring of 2017 and played 2 gigs within walking distance of their rehearsal space at The Beach House Bar & Grill in Mandeville, LA in April and May.

Over the summer Tommy MacLuckie's wife's breast cancer escalated. She died September 16.

After Tiffany died, Tommy turned everything off for a while. Eventually in late winter and spring of 2018 he started playing with Brian Jones a little bit in Mandeville. In October 20 he played the inaugural Ozone Songwriter Festival in Mandeville and is playing 2019's 1st Annual Ozone Songwriter Fest.

The Hurricane Hunters (#THH) are musically inspired by The Cult, The Rolling Stones, Elmore James, Led Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, RL Burnside, Hound Dog Taylor, AC/DC among a lot of others as well as hurricanes, violent weather in general, lizards, lighthouses, flying boats and the Nine Pieces Of Eight