Song Notes by Tommy MacLuckie

All songs written by Tommy MacLuckie unless indicated otherwise

Demo songs recorded on 8-track ADAT in the Navarre neighborhood in New Orleans just off Canal Blvd by the trestle

On the demo recordings:
Tommy MacLuckie - Vocals, guitars

John Marcley - Drums
Wayne Smith - Bass, backing vocals

My Boat Will Roll I’m not sure what this song really means other than if you get in my way you’ll probably just get hurt combined with how thunderstorms and hurricanes in New Orleans can make people behave somewhat oddly. I lifted my own lick that I came up with in a country bumpkin song called “Boot Camp For The Soul” that’s a bit more upbeat than this. The acoustic demo and this demo are incredibly slow yet live it's more up.

I Got A Cough (But I Still Laugh)

The first demo of this is about 6 minutes long - 4 minutes of it with me laughing at the words I was coming up with. A drinking song that was about the environment up at Jerry Grimes' Uptown New Orleans apartment, which was above the apartment I had lived in prior to him moving in, which he and I had turned into a 4-track recording studio as well as a massive beer bottle retainer. It was played live with the Grayson Capps And The Stumpknockers as well as The Hurricane Hunters.

Sock Monkey

The basis of the song was in Grayson's house in Fairhope, AL after a gig. Around 4 AM the girlfriend of bass player, A.G (Anthony Hardesty) decided to raid the fridge. Her rattling around the kitchen woke Earl Maddox up. He went in the kitchen and there she was, wearing Grayson's mama's robe and had her hand in the pickle jar and a mess all over. "Goddammit, Lorraina,  go to bed ya sock monkey. You look like you got X's for eyes. Go to bed." The original demo was done at Jerry Grimes’ apartment in New Orleans with Earl on drums and me on guitar and vocal ripping off Nazareth’s “Hair Of The Dog” as an XXX rated rant about a nasty woman with Jerry Grimes and Wayne Smith contributing backing vocals. Somehow it evolved and was being played with the Stumpknockers, so much so that Grayson insisted it was recorded and released on the Grayson Capps And The Stumpknockers album Rott'N'Roll. This demo is a bit dumpy, with John Marcley playing with brickhands, and it retains the Nazareth rip off, with Wayne Smith helping out on the backing vocals. The studio version is more streamlined.

I Couldn’t Leave You (Heineke/MacLuckie)

Mark Heineke wrote this tune some time in the late 1980s I believe, which I happened to hear from a video he had of him screwing around with a bass guitar singing this tune. I stole it from him, changed a few words and made it a bit heavier. Wes Hollywood and I recorded a 4-track cassette demo of it for our band, Jack Ketch, with me on drums that I always thought was the closest sound to The Who doing a ballad that was pretty damn good. We recorded it for real in a studio in Owosso, MI but it didn’t work. I've always liked this tune so I did it again with The Hurricane Hunters for these demos. Some day hopefully we'll record it for real.

Chasing Rainbows (Frace/Heineke/MacLuckie)

Wes Hollywood and Mark Heineke wrote and recorded this one afternoon in Chicago on the 4-track. In the key of C sharp minor with acoustic guitar and the silly Casio keyboard we had that we used its drum track for. It resembled barbershop quartet singing. I thought it was so great I stole this one too (one of several I’ve stolen from Heineke), changed some of the words, changed the key and gave it a somewhat Spanish sounding guitar solo and rocked it up a bit. It's a blast to play live.


Boot Camp For The Soul

One January 1st while working in the French Quarter at the Original Pierre Maspero's I got a fever of 103.5. It was 80 degrees out and I was shivering. I lived Uptown a block below Franky & Johnny's. The switch yard for the trains was across Tchoupitoulas St and when they would put the trains together the ground would shake. Somehow that became a country song that I first recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder. This version was done at Green Street Studio with just me playing drums, bass and guitar. It turned into a really dumpy country song.

Like A Star

The joy and suffering of liking a girl never gets dull. This was recorded for what became the STORM SURGE EP. It didn't get finished.